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B.E.S.T. : Business and Education for Schools and Technology


BEST is a coalition of business, education and labor organizations advocating with legislators and other public policy makers for educational technology to enhance teaching and learning in Massachusetts K-12 schools and thereby to strengthen the Massachusetts economy.

Two Commissions have been at work in the Commonwealth to improve education; both depend on the appropriate use of technology for movement.


The Governor’s Readiness Project involved more than 200 people and 13 committees. For a summary of related details, click here and read the pdf .


The 21st Century Skills Task Force, convened by Secretary of Education Paul Reville  presented its report to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in November 2008. Click here for a pdf of the report http://www.doe.mass.edu/news/news.asp?id=4429.

There is also a revived Science and Technology Legislative Caucus co-chaired by Representative Cory Atkins and Senator James Timilty. For more information, contact Isa Zimmerman at izmmerman@umassp.edu.


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