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Mission:  BEST is a coalition of business, education and labor organizations advocating with legislators and other public policy makers for educational technology  to enhance teaching and learning in Massachusetts K-12 schools and thereby to strengthen the Massachusetts economy.


Coalition Members:  BEST’s letterhead lists the heads of the various organizations and associations that form the coalition.  No individual schools or businesses may be members.


Coalition Sponsors:  Sponsors, who contribute money to defray BEST’s  expenses or who make in-kind contributions, may be individuals, business partners, or coalition member organizations.  All contributions are reported twice a year to the Secretary of State’s Lobbying office.


Coalition Activists:  BEST meetings are attended by representatives of the coalition’s member organizations, business partners, and other individuals who volunteer to work toward our mission.


Activities:  Coalition activists meet to coordinate the activities that each of their member groups is planning in support of BEST’s mission.   BEST does not employ a lobbyist and does not contribute to political campaigns, but activists do volunteer to visit legislators and other public policy makers to educate them about initiatives that support our mission or to testify at public hearings.  BEST also provides frequent information bulletins to keep supporters up-to-date on the latest developments and to share documents that they can use with their constituencies. It uses electronic mail lists, fax, and Web pages to speed communications and to keep costs low.


Status:  BEST is an informal coalition with no by-laws or elected officers. It is registered with the Secretary of State’s office as a lobbying organization that does not contribute to candidates and does not employ a paid lobbyist.


Coordinators: Beth Lowd 617-325-1370 & Isa Zimmerman 617-349-8642


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