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The Special Commission on Educational Technology was created through legislation passed in 2002. The following purpose is a quotation from the law itself.


The purpose of the Commission was to:


  1. Review how technology can be best utilized to improve teaching and learning in public education;

  2. Examine the need for additional educational technology in schools throughout the state and the types of technology needed;

  3. Examine ways to enhance professional development and teacher training in the effective use of technology in support of curriculum;

  4. Examine statutory or regulatory changes needed to enhance educational technology, including, but not limited to integrating technology into school building design;

  5. Examine the funding of major education/technology initiatives in the Commonwealth (and throughout the country) and the impact that such initiatives have had on teaching, learning, and student achievement, including standardized testing;

  6. Evaluate the need for a pilot program for 7th and 8th grade students and teachers in up to 9 schools districts to provide one to one, wireless, portable full
    featured computing devices including, but not limited to, potential funding sources for such a program and a structure for the implementation of such a program;

  7. Evaluate effective methods of measuring student achievement and learning using technology.

The Commission consisted of members of the House and Senate as well as persons appointed by Governor Romney from both the business and education communities.  The Chairman of the Board of Education, Commissioner of the Department of Education, and the state’s Chief Information Officer were also members of the Commission. 

Read the full report here : (PDF)

Click here to see the bibliography of sources  used by the Commission to write the report. The bibliography includes live links to their sources.

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