Global STEM Education

The Global STEM Education Center, Inc. presented the fifth Global STEM Education Symposium at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, MA on May 11, 2018. This is the program: 2018 Symposium Prog 4_23_18 fv

The Secretary gave an informative and encouraging 30 minute talk (contrary to  expectation) and was quoted by several speakers who followed. He also referred to my welcome speech!!!

At the Board meeting after the Symposium  (GSTEM is celebrating 10 years of existence), I retired as Board chair.


It appears that a number of institutions of higher education are now offering doctorates in Global STEM education. This list comes from a simple search on the web:Global STEM Doctorates


GSTEM had a very successful Symposium at HGSE on May 12, 2017. This was the fourth annual and some wonderful people participated. This is the final program:Final Program GSTEM Symposium 2017 May 12


The presentation I made at Empower 17 (ASCD’s annual conference in Anaheim, CA.) is here:Empower17 GSTEM Presentation 3_27. Many of the slides come from Larisa Schelkin whose brain child the program is and who serves as the Executive Director of the Global STEM Education Center, Inc.


After several years of working with one class and one school at a time, GSTEM is offering a whole district Professional Learning experience. This is the PPP I am using with Northampton, MA: Summer 2016 PPP 2016

The website is always being updated:


The third annual Global STEM Education Center Symposium took place on May 6, 2016 at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


The Center’s program is the first example in this white paper: Preparing-a-globally-competent-workforce