MA STEM History

As of the end of 2015, the MA Governor’s STEM Advisory Council was placed on hold (although it is authorized by Section 218 of Chapter 6 of Massachusetts General Law), committees and the Networks were suspended since there was no funding. This is the result of a new administration in the Governor’s Office. The Council has been placed in the office of the Secretary of Education and several committees have been established in 2016 (not the one I proposed and which had been accepted). This is a photo of one of the last meetings I attended: Last STEM Council meeting. You are looking at the back of my head in the inner circle, rather square!!!

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A Google search unearthed this report: STEM Summit 2006

In the last decade + MA has seen much attention paid to STEM education, including the targeting of state money to regional centers and projects. The STEM Summits have been a beacon to showcase the efforts of business, higher education, PK-12 and policy makers and legislators. The 2011 Summit was the eighth in MA. Both the Governor and the Lieutenant Governors spoke about the importance of STEM and the efforts to advance the agenda in MA. The latest published data can be found in this report.

Currently the landscape is being shaped by the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. A state STEM plan, was updated in 2014 to v2.0. A new committee was added: The Global STEM Education Committee.

But the movement started in 2003 when EMC hosted a meeting which became the precursor to the first STEM Summit.Contributing to the debate was the MA Business Roundtable’s Tapping Massachusetts’ Potential The Massachusetts Employers’ STEM Agenda

A major element of movement in MA STEM has been  the STEM Summits. Here is the document which summarizes the first five summits Brief History_ STEM Summits11_28-08

The 2014 Summit changed the way the program is developed. For the first time, presentations were solicited and members of the MA Governor’s STEM Advisory are assisting in the selection process.