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This article appears to be quite helpful:Ingredients for a great STEM Project

These opportunities have come to our attention through our work on the Summits and with STEM in general. We provide them to you with the recommendation that you check them out for appropriateness for your instructional setting before committing to them.

This brings back the beginning when we started BEST:Do Laptops Help Learning? The Maine Project

As a context setting piece, please read Six Characteristics of a Great STEM Lesson

And also Six Recommendations for Learning in the Digital Age

This might also be helpful: 16 Open Ed Resources Sites


These two articles provide many opportunities:Teaching STEM Skills with NAO Robots — THE Journal. I have seen the NAO up close and personal and I think he is a good teacher (smile).

And Students Explore the Earth and Beyond with Virtual Field Trips — THE Journal.


In doing some research for a colleague about middle school STEM, I found the following resources:

How To Engineer A Great STEM Curriculum For Middle School…/engineer-great-middleschoolstem-curriculum/‎

Innovative STEM Middle Schools – Bob Pearlman‎ (I have known Bob for years and his work is worth looking at)‎ (I just returned from Atlanta where I attended the ASCD conference)

The website of the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education now has a STEM sector.‎


This fascinating graphic might require a magnifying glass:

Pedagogy Wheel Poster


Check out the Aspire Institute at Wheelock College:

“The STEM Activity App delivers engaging activities to families, teachers, and elementary school students” about STEM.


This article from Ed Week suggests some possibilities which might be useful:Small Particles Yield Big Gains re STEM


The Triangle Coalition meeting in DC in October 2014 brought this invitation for the chemists in our midst:

The main website of the You Be The Chemist programs is

You Be The Chemist Challenge—an academic competition for grade 5-8 students (

You Be The Chemist Activity Guides—free lesson plans featuring hands-on activities for K-8 (

You Be The Chemist Essential Elements—free professional development workshops for K-8 educators (


 The following are links to classroom resources for teachers:

This article came from a good friend: Moving Towards Next Generation Learning – Vander Ark