In the Spring of 2018, there was (and now still is) a great deal of discussion about various forms of assessment. In my humble opinion, the best assessment for English and Social Studies (my old stomping ground) is the portfolio…much easier to manage today because of the technology…but it is still time consuming and unless a teacher has fewer students or some assistance, the “best” will not happen for most students in most schools.


It is difficult to think about education these days without considering this topic.

Change the Equation made these statistics available. I chose to look at the two: Vital signs_Change the Equation_MA and Vital signs Change the Equation-Iowa I am closest to.


In the news recently have been articles about the utility and efficacy of portfolios…now, of course, digital. I have been a proponent of that manner of assessing students’ work for years but not quite this way: Technology lets students ‘flip’ the field trip

Here are two more articles about the topic :Digital Assessment Tool Predicts Students’ Potential to Thrive in College — THE Journal

And: HS students ‘defend’ their diploma? At Hamilton-Wenham we had a version of this when seniors reported on their internship experience.