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In assisting the Physicist to organize his publications at his office at Boston University, I found a copy of the paper we wrote for the MRS presentation (the PPP is already on this site).


The last of the string of panels which I have been on for a month occurred at the STEM Summit 2017 at the DCU in Worcester. This is  The Description of the event and here is what I talked about: Summit Panel Observations.

It seemed to me that there were fewer attendees than last year but many more financial supporters and the usual important people. The exhibit space was very well organized and full of interesting programs. Many institutions of higher education were in display!


I had the opportunity to present the attached to the Leadership of ASCD Affiliates: ASCD re Kids at Statehouse.pptx_fv. 

While I concentrated on technology, this is a model which can be used for any issue, topic or position.


I thought these two documents had been posted but because I do not have a list (smile) I am adding them. The worst that can happen is that they become duplicates!

Award winning story

GTEC Culminating Story 9_4_12 Since that time we have been referring to the project as GSTEM!


Another serendipity: I was cleaning out the papers in my office in anticipation of some maintenance work and found the laminated copy of a think piece published by the Globe in 2005. I wrote it with Andre Mayer. It had been laminated and so this is a scan: Headline  and  Not by laptop. 

Unfortunately the type is not as clear as it was…as with everything that gets old!


It was my birthday and I was searching the Perspectives carton to find the date of MASCD’s establishment (1973), although there was some informal activity before that time.

So I rummaged through the carton (reorganizing as I went) and found the articles I wrote. So for the record, here they are:

One View of the MCAS…To change or not to change, that is the question, January 1999

The MASCD Printing Press, December 2000

Encouraging New Leaders, September 2001

State of the Arts: Arts Education in MA, March 2002

A Progression of Effort (Reflections of a Two-Time President), September 2002

Fostering Respect Among Students, January 2003

Assessment for Learning, March 2003

Transforming Teaching & Learning, June 2003

What Qualities & Behaviors Distinguish Teacher Leaders, September 2003

The BEST Marriage of Politics and Education, May 2006

One to One Learning for All, Summer, 2007

Moving The STEM Agenda: Synergy Among Stakeholders, Winter 2009

The Global STEM Classroom:The Future is Now, Fall 2011

Recognizing and Accessing our Past (In My Opinion), Spring 2012

MASCD Builds on Its Notable Past…Spring 2013 with a Centerfold: Forty Years of Leadership


The current discussion by the new Governor and Secretary of Education about charter schools and lifting the gap reminded me of the work I and a few colleagues produced in 1994: A position paper of the MASS.


I was contacted by someone with whom I interacted several years ago who said she had reviewed this website as she attempted to eliminate files from her computer. That inspired me to clean up my computers. I found a presentation from 2011 during my brief and ill-fated relationship with Mimio: NSTA Presentation about “Teaching and Learning STEM: The Value of Interactivity.”


Being invited to be a member of a panel at the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative Think Tank, by Fernando Reimers, was a great honor and opportunity. The subject was Sustainability and my focus was education. The event gave me a chance to think about and learn about a topic that I need to pay attention to.  This is what I planned to say:  IKZ_Sustainability Presentation, although, since I did not read it, this paper is not an exact replica. Because there was no projection capacity at the Charles Hotel, I asked if the slides I produced, Sustainability Panel Slides, could be posted on the website as a “paper.” Readings identified by the presenters were posted..So my slides were “up” but I also found the article that George Zimmerman and I wrote about materials. I am not sure who included it but I did receive a few positive comments about it! Here is the agenda for the three days: Education Think Tank_4.14.15.

This is the url:


Some wonderful pictures are posted:



Several colleagues have recently shared their talent…two are painters and one is a photographer. When the latter friend asked what I used as a creative outlet, I said, I write…This piece has been percolating for a while and it is not finished….Writing about STEM


It has taken 50 years for the two of us to present together at a conference. On December 2, 2014 George Zimmerman presented: Where Do Our Students Encounter Materials at the Materials Research Society (MRS) event at the Hynes Auditorium in Boston. In case this citation disappears, you can read the article at: MRS Online Proceeding Library 01/2015; 1762. DOI:10.1557/opl.2015.259


I always tell people to date their writing. It appears I did not always take my own advice. This is a piece I just found when cleaning up my computer. I think it was intended as a chapter in a book: Reconciling Stakeholder Interests


Over the years some people have asked questions about my dissertation (Bright Meadows: a study of teachers’ attitudes and feelings in an unorthodox school/ Bright Meadows was Tolstoy’s experimental school and I was a literature major). One person today mentioned that she went to HGSE to “learn from” my thesis.

A few months ago I read that HGSE is digitizing dissertations and starting with the current ones and going backward in time. I went to visit Susan Fliss, the new Director and Librarian of Monroe C. Gutman Library to ask if mine could be digitized out of order. She was very kind and turned me over to Mark E. Shelton, the Head of Collection Development, who assured me it could and would be done. So here is the link: http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:HUL.InstRepos:13346865 . It is a site called DASH: Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard. Thank you, HGSE.


Some history inspired by attendance at the 2014 STEM Summit and MassCUE/MASS Conference: This was quite a week. At the Summit at the DCU in Worcester I was part of a panel moderated by Larisa Shelkin. I spoke about the importance of global STEM education and action now in MA: Summit present Oct 2014.

Next was the MassCUE/MASS Technology Conference at Gillette Stadium which inspired this recollection: Encounters with Apple


Larisa Schelkin, Jeff Weld and I presented at the Triangle Coalition Conference in Washington, DC on October 9, 2014 at the Sphinx Club. Our topic was:Learning From Each Other:STEM in Two States.


I spent two days in Iowa City meeting STEM interested people (including the Lieutenant Governor) and spoke with two classes at the University of Iowa. Some of my comments are here: IKZ Iowa thoughts to share. I also attended the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council meeting.


It is amazing what one can find when one is searching one’s computer files. As far back as 1982, I was interested in influence and advocacy. I was invited to testify at a public hearing held at HGSE on a topic that still is of interest: Advocating for Gifted Education


This is an experiment. I found this (MA STEM Council in the News.webarchive) on one of my computers but it will not open as a pdf. So I googled and it knew enough to connect to this website and the Boston Business Journal but not to open the document. When I tried copying the pdf, it would not work either…..Bottom line, the translation is not always seamless.


During BLC 2014, I remembered the story about the Big Mac. I found I had not posted it so I rectified the situation. It is called Three Firsts.


As part of the evaluation of STEM in Iowa, I was interviewed…Here are the more universal ideas from that experience: Reflecting on STEM in Iowa


Retrospection is always useful. Here is one document which does that:

MassCUE 30th Anniversary presentation occurred at the MASS/MassCUE Conference at Gillette Stadium on October 24, 2012.


For a presentation about GTEC at the Building Learning Communities 2013 Conference in Boston in July, we prepared the following precis for the international participants who might find these Important Characteristics of American Education helpful.


When I was a teacher of English and Social Studies in the Newton, MA public schools, I used to tell my students that writing has many benefits:

• you know what you think

• you can refine your thinking

•you remember what you have written about

• you can return to the topic and develop it further…So here is one of those exercises I just engaged in….

Searching for STEM programs or Search4STEM

A Tale of Charter + Brick & Mortar Schools

This activity prompted me to find a paper I remembered producing when I chaired ETAC entitled ETAC_IT Position Paper 2006

It also triggered an interest in continuous documentation. The latest is entitled Recalling Caesar & Xerox


A colleagues suggested Googling worldcat to check out the progress of the Step-by-Step Guide below. When I entered my name as directed I found current as well as historic information about my publications over many years!


Please check out the Spring 2012 issue of MASCD PerspectivesRe-Envisioning Education for Purposeful Learning. It includes  and article titled “Recognizing and Accessing our Past” which I wrote.

Joan Thormann, my colleague from Lesley University and I completed work on a book, entitled The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Designing and Teaching Online Courses which is available from Teachers College Press, Columbia University and Amazon and as of fall 2014 as an ebook!!!

MASCD published an issue of its journal PERSPECTIVES on global education in the fall of 2011. It contains an article about GTEC I called GTEC for Perspectives for my files.

In 2013, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, MASCD published a special edition of Perspectives. The “centerfold” section was my work.  It is available from MASCD in hard copy and will be on the website (http://www.mascd.org).

The Center for Digital Education commissioned a A Strategy Guide to Digital Content which was made available at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia in June 2011.

STEM Stimulus Package: How to Jump Start STEM in Your State.

MASCD published an issue of its journal PERSPECTIVES on leadership in our schools, in the fall of 2010. The theme is relevant to STEM education. It is available from MASCD in hard copy and on the website (http://www.mascd.org).

In the winter of 2009, MASCD published an issue of its journal, PERSPECTIVES, about STEM called “Future Ready: Advancing STEM Education.STEMPerspectivesWinter2009

Technology Essentials for the Superintendent, MassCUE’s OnCUE, Winter 2007. Also a preliminary version, the MASS Tech Position Paper_1999 written for theMA Superintendents Association.

User Cases, case studies and others:

Alicia, STEM Curriculum Director

John & Mary Lighthouse, Search4STEM User Case

APS and AB Leadership Dilemma

Re-image Learning_1998

Alligator speech late 1990’s

Katie Goode, Teacher

Brenda Rosen CEO_Portable, Inc.

Jonathan Semplar, Superintendent

A Little Historic Perspective

Colleen Boxton

Katie, the teacher, a model performance review

The STEM Challenge case

Why don’t girls go into the math pipeline?

Techniques of Leadership

GTEC Culminating Story 9_4_12

The Changing Nature of Meetings: Hybrid Teleconferencing in Higher Education See page 7

A Primer for Getting Community Support, an Award winning story

Other books/publications

1 to 1 Campaign Tool Kit (Jan 2006) suggested to Intel, wrote and  consulted with Converge Magazine on the final version.

STEM Stimulus Package (Summer 2008) suggested to, wrote and consulted with Converge Magazine on final product (http://media.centerdigitaled.com/     Converge_Mag/pdfs/issues/ConvergeSum     08_72.pdf)

STEM Superstars (Winter 2009). Article for Converge Magazine,              http://www.convergemag.com/stem/STEM-Superstars.html  and http://www.centerdigitaled.com/stem/Mass-Leader-Emphasizes-STEM-Education.htmlSTEM Superstarspdf version

Beyond Technology: Learning With The Wired Curriculum (1998) and Teaching: A Career, A Profession (2000), co-editor and contributor, published by the Massachusetts affiliate of ASCD  both of which won awards for excellence from ASCD. Many thanks to Peter Reynolds of Fablevision for all his art work over the years!

Mission Possible: Reaching All Learners With Technology, MASCD, Wellesley,    MA 2004 (co-editor with Ann Koufman, writer)

Technology In Its Place, Successful Technology Infusion in Schools, Jossey-Bass ( chapter) 2001

Continuing to search in the past:

Three Faces of Curriculum

Alligator Speech (late 1990’s)

I just found Vision Shapes Evolution Book chapter from about 2003. And a keynote from 2005: Efficacy & Advocacy: Technology in Education