IKZ Advisors, LLC, offers consultation about STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) PK through 16 for educators,  the business and policy communities and students and parents.

As a member of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council in MA (until December 2014) and the IA Governor’s STEM Advisory Council (until 2017), we participate/d in planning and implementing a variety of initiatives from curricular and instructional programs for students, conversations and summits for adults, to analysis and development of plans. We advise on projects that people are considering and we advocate for STEM.

We also write guides and papers, organize events and speak and promote STEM in education and leadership. And we serve on boards of  half a dozen STEM based organizations. We are also interested in the connection between art and science.

Please check the News  and Announcements page and the Resources page regularly for new postings.

If you are not familiar with STEM, please read the document below to get answers to questions posed by other people who want to understand STEM..Answering basic questions about STEM.

To get in touch with Isa Zimmerman directly, email ikz1@verizon.net or phone 617-642-4733.

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