New Ventures

Finally, Cornell is doing something about STEM:Cornell Engineering Debuts Online Collaboration Space for Makers in Grades 6

CELT and MASCD are working together to develop a new consortium of small/rural schools in MA. This article from The Washington Post on October 15, 2016 captures two phenomena: one I have observed and one we will be working on: a-new-digital-divide-has-emerged-and-conventional-solutions-wont-bridge-the-gap.


LearnLaunch, ( a group of investors in technology in education startups, has been promoting about two dozen such companies.  At both their demo on September 18 and at their expo as part of the MassCUE/MASS conference at Gillette Stadium on October 23 and 24, 2013, those companies showed their wares. Although each user needs to make its ow decisions, the following companies looked interesting to me:

30 hands Learning

Also check out

The last two are projects run by people we have worked with.